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As we all recognize that branding is an essential part of your business. One of the benefits of improving your brand experience is that the potentials are endless. You want your brand and logo to represent who and what your business stands for. Below are useful tips for branding;


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  1. Put your customers first – Know who they are and how they reason. What are the reasons that lead them to want your service or product? Now match your business offering to match your customers’ needs.
  2. One thing you need to think through is what makes your business unique from other companies that provide similar services. Whatever sets your business apart from competitors is the foundation for your branding.
  3. Remember when you want to choose a brand name, that your cornerstone is that thing that makes you unique and adds worth to your customers. So you ought to name your business with its unique name that differs from other businesses in that field.
  4. When choosing a name and logo, you ought to take your time and not rush. When creating a name, you should keep the name very simple and easily pronounced to be easily remembered. The shorter names often stick in the consumer’s heads more easily. For instance, Microsoft or Adobe.
  5. Colors have different interpretations, and you will need to choose the right color display for your logo. Colors similarly have the ability to bring out tones. Purple color has been said to represent power and royalty. You ought to pick colors based on what your company provides to its customers. Branding is about the lasting impressions in your consumer’s eyes.
  6. Consistency through your company name, logo design, website and advertising is vital and provides your business with integrity. An instance would be if you are a skateboard company and you decide on a graffiti logo, you ought to use that throughout your web design and advertising.
  7. The consistency you create to represent your business has a voice. When you consider your business and advertising, you need to know the general tone of who your company is. Is your business having a light and airy quality? Whatever tone your business is associated with will need to be carried out for the lifetime of your business.
  8. Test your branding outcomes with people whom could be your possible customers. You ought to choose set of people that could gain from your service. Ask them some questions about all aspects of the design; the name, logo, the colors, and the tone. Let the last question that you ask be about memorability. Will they remember your brand later on?
  9. Always put your brand on anything associated with your business. This should include everything from bags and tags to every single advertisement and marketing opportunity that you have. The more customers see your brand, the stronger the remembrance, recognition, and the response you will achieve.
  10. Involve the professionals – While it’s tempting to enter into a DIY branding, this is often not a good idea and can be expensive in terms of time and money to address at a future date. Employ a professional creative agency to help enhance the brand experience of your company.


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Networking events: hate them or love them, they are a necessary part of life as business professionals. They let you meet like-minded people and make meaningful business connections; they may even get you a much-needed job or contracts.

With the potential benefits of networking, few of us plan ahead and think about how we can make the most of the opportunity. But below are five tips that successful networkers use to connect and impress at business events.



Be True To Yourself

This simply means don’t try to be someone else. You will need to know your potential in order to be present, otherwise going to a networking event will be useless for you. Besides, you are the best person to represent you, no one else qualifies. No one can represent you better than yourself. Which means if you are on a path and know who you are, know your brand, and want to get started marketing yourself, networking is the next step.

Plan Your First Impression

Plan this first impression carefully, know that first impressions are very important, and you only get one chance to present yourself as you want the people you meet to remember. Keeping in mind that you don’t need to be decked out in your best suit or dress, but present yourself professionally. After all, you never know who you are going to meet. Show up with nothing less than the best version of you at each event.

Keep Business Cards Separated

Put the ones you hand out in one pocket and the cards you collect in another. If you mix your business cards with the ones you receive, you will end up shuffling a deck before long. This gives people the wrong impression that you are an indiscriminate and serial collector of business cards, and that you are disorganized.

Show Interest

So you have made the connection with those you would like to do business with, and everything is going great, they know about you, you know about their business and what challenges they face. Be sure to focus on the business professionals you meet, asking thoughtful questions, doing this gives you information to develop a strategy to work with them. Networking means that you value the person you are talking with, and you show a sincere interest in them rather than promoting yourself.

Follow Up

The is one strategy that needs to be implemented to attract the kind of clients you want to work with. The professionals that you connected with at the event need to hear from you. If you are not following up, you are not networking. Again, do not wait to be contacted, get those emails out. Stay in touch with any potential clients for future business dealings, which means work for you.

Networking is the first step for start ups to grow. If you thinking to launch the business, start with creating the logo from us.


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Let’s face it; It’s never easy to stand out above the competition but having a unique and well-designed business card can give you, and your company the edge it needs. The following tips will help you create a new business card that will amaze anyone lucky enough to get it;

Keep it Simple

You might want to use an uncommon material for your business card. Although this may certainly be memorable, bear in mind the realism of your chosen medium. People usually write additional details on business cards such as where they got the card. This is much harder to do on metal and even wood.

Make it Readable

If you have a lot of information to display, you may be tempted to reduce the size of your text. Small texts often look readable on screen but turn into a faint smudge when printed. Also, don’t forget about the font, keep it simple and professional and don’t be tempted to use the Comic Sans or a detailed calligraphic font which is impossible to read.

Decide on your Concept

Your brand values can be turned into a business card design by considering the customer you are trying to impress, and deciding on what would tell the story of your business to that customer. Your images, textures, and colors should all be consistent with your current marketing materials, and all these should be right in agreement with the brand values that distinguish your business from everyone else.

Include the Right Info in the Right Place

A lot of people take a business card and put it in a folio or Rolodex after admiring your awesome design. Therefore, most designers will recommend that you include vital information on the front of your business card, and use the back of the card to give it some flavor.

Color Choice

It’s smart to keep your business cards consistent with the rest of your company’s branding. If you have company colors, use them. Obviously, if you don’t have any particular color scheme to work with, you will have free reign on your business cards. However, be careful to choose complementary colors because clashing colors can look unprofessional on a business card. If you are in doubt, use an online color matching tool.

The Visual Content

For business cards, it’s true that pictures speak louder than words. While you need to have content written on the front side of the card, think about saving the back side for something more visual. Maybe you could use the space to display a picture of your product, or something related to your business. Otherwise, put your company’s logo on the back of the card. Whatsoever you do, do not leave it blank. It’s often said that people don’t usually look at the back of business cards, but that’s just not true.

Break Away From the Usual
For many businesses, one of the main challenges of designing cards is coming up with something original. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to break away from the standard and create something truly outstanding. In essence, your business card has to be unique.

However, the first impressions last and you’ve got seconds to ensure that the first and lasting impression is positive. The above tips will help you get a well-designed, unique business card, which is a fantastic way to make a strong impression.

Consider in case you want to design business cards in two minutes.








The logo of your company is the first thing that promotes your brand image. Without an innovative and attractive business logo design, your brand image is in a little trouble. The first impression you are going to create for the audience about the product or service you sell is surely going to be delivered through the logo. Thus, the most important thing which decides the success of your company is the logo design. Below are quick and easy tips to create the perfect logo for your company;

Make Sure It’s Simple

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There are a many ways I can tell you this, but, let’s keep it simple. The point is that a logo is not a testing ground for your typography and illustration skills. It is a test of your design perception and presentation sense. A complicated logo is not only hard to identify but also repeatedly fails in pleasing the audience. A logo is not a manifesto but an emblem. Thus, it needs to be kept simple.

Design a Unique Logo



This is one of those often said but rarely followed tips. How does a general logo rise to prominence as a brand’s identity? Just by being uniquely identifiable. Designing a unique logo is how one achieves uniqueness. Instead of trying too hard, the goal is to think out-of-the-box and bring ordinary objects into the mold of uniqueness.

Make Your Logo Design Appeal to Diverse Audiences

Your audience is a diverse group of individuals

Be it art, design or even writing, adaptability and flexibility go a long way in helping you succeed. In other words, one has to be dynamic and not static. Being rigid in a logo design only leads to no opportunity for improvement or innovation, and when innovation dies, the design dies too. A logo has to be dynamic because a rigid logo means if you hate it, then you hate it! It does not work in design.

Ensure Your Logo Design Is Versatile



Versatility goes a long way in making a logo design popular. If your logo is such that looks great on posters but horrible on coffee mugs, it will never attain popularity. Besides, if your logo is a slave to a color pattern, it cannot be called a good logo also, meaning that a logo should look good even if it is presented in black and white, or even a set of colors which are not part of the original or actual design.

Ensure Your Logo Design Has A Story To Tell

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Each logo has a story to tell. If you view a logo as an ordinary representation or pattern, then you cannot unravel the deeper meaning behind such logo. A perfect logo has two stories to tell: the obvious one, and the hidden one. If you are able to convince your clients that the logo which you have designed is not merely a piece of artwork but entails deep philosophy and meticulous ideology, they will love it, even though it is something simple.



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When you are working on a logo design project, the principle asset is the font which you use for the logo design. The decision about what font to use is crucial in any logo design. You often need to use something both original and legible, that can have both distinct personality and also work in a variety of circumstances. When making your choice, keep in mind the personality of your client, the practical uses which the logo will be put to, and also the constancy of the design.

Preferably, any logo design font you choose will be unique to your client’s brand, but then at the very least, it has to be licensed properly. However, with so many online free logo fonts out there on the internet at different platforms, it can be a bit hard for a designer to select one font for a logo design online. However, there are some free logo design fonts that the designers should have for the effectiveness of their logo.


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This is one of the popularly used fonts in a variety of logo designs. A professional logo maker is especially fond of this font. Helvetica has been bundled with personal computers since 1984, and this is one of the reasons why it is trendy. A lot of professionals like and dislike this logo design font for the simple reason that the letters in this font are spaced tightly. However, a careful selection of this font is necessary as the font can be used everywhere to deliver the intended message.



This should be used when your logo design requires the font that expresses geometric style. This font is a group of display fonts having classic geometric typefaces which are from the early years of the last century. This font is available in 4 versions; Berlin, Uberlin, Berlina, and Slaberlin.


This font was created by Fabio Haag and Veronika Burian in the year 2006. Foco is a Sans-serif font that showcases personality. It has an excellent readability due to the space between the characters of the font. Foco is one of the best fonts to be used while creating a free logo design, a tagline or even a subtitle.


This is known for its near-perfect circles, triangles, and squares as it is based on geometric shapes. Due to the unique geometric shape, large displays, corporate designs, logo designs, and books have utilized this font frequently. A lot of people consider the font as an ideal one for small text logo design.

Zorus Serif

Zorus serif was created by Jeremie Dupuis, a Canadian designer. The font’s ancient glyphs lend it a distinct Gallic feel. Zoro Serif is suitable when you want to give a feel of print and traditional look to your online logo design. You can access this font in both italic and standard versions.


Branding identifies the products and services offered by a company and distinguishes the organization from its competitors. To be considered effective, a brand must deliver the intended message, confirm the reliability of the organization, emotionally connect with the target audience, motivate them to patronize, and help gain customer loyalty. Relatively a tall order, to say the least, but also an essential factor of a marketing strategy.

Branding will constantly be an important part of businesses. For starters, people get to know the company and everything that comes with it through the branding of the business. Branding lets the company introduce itself.  Business brand does not involve just the products or services of the company alone. It also includes the image of the company as a whole. Your brand comprises its mission as well as its vision. There is a need to have imaging so as to have a lasting recall to the company

The most vital work for an effective branding takes place even before a designer or agency is even hired at all: research, introspection, planning, and difficult decision making by the business owner. What set your business apart from others in your market? What makes you original and unique? What is it about your business that makes it the one that a potential customer should choose? The way you place yourself in your industry will affect how the customers feel about your business concerning your competitors. Do you offer lesser prices, or are you quality-driven? Whatsoever your chosen path is, this should be communicated in your marketing materials and efforts.

Keep Your Message And Visual Identity Consistent and Professional

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Assuming you have a playful website, your business cards and logo should also be colorful and amusing. Draw in elements from your site or logo on your social media profiles. From logo and business cards to email and newsletters, all your sales materials and printed communications must look, sound and feel like they came from the same source. The more consistent all your materials are, the more outstanding your brand will become. If you are not concerned about how you appear, then your potential customers will be distracted by your inconsistency rather than focusing on your message.

Don’t Be A Copycat


Related image

One common first nature of people is to imitate what an established brand has done already, which is thoughtless and won’t do your business any good. Recklessly copying another company’s branding tactics never does work out the way you would hope. You don’t need to do what everybody else is doing and follow the crowd carelessly. Use your uniqueness and style to appeal to your target audience and create more leads. You want to set yourself aside from competitors. Branding should successfully communicate how you are different from them, not how you are comparable.

Create A Voice which Reflects Your Brand

This same voice should be applied to all of the written correspondence and should be used in all your marketing materials, both offline and online. It’s the same language, rhythm, and tone that you should use in all of your communications, like your social network profiles, website, blog, and email replies. Regarding messaging, use the key expressions that are your unique selling points, whether they are used on your website, in ads or your brochure. You should likewise consider putting your company tagline or slogan on everything; it’s your brand promise in a catchy, notable phrase.

Generate Awareness of Your Brand Through Networking

The 6 Deadly Sins Of Networking

You should be relating to other business owners in the business both online and in real life by using the social networks and commenting on their blogs. One of the best ways to excellently establish a powerful brand is through networking. Many other brands are also eyeing to grow their audience, so it’s a perfect idea to discover brand partners who share an audience and then work out some kind of collaboration. Both sides can bring something new to the table, and both brands leave having learned something about themselves, the audience and also what their target clients want.

Excel At Customer Service

Make customer service an essential value at all levels of your business, and become recognized as a brand that offers an outstanding experience. Your clients will surely reward you. Doing everything to deliver the best possible experience makes a client feel special, and it also creates brand loyalty. Brand loyalty creates word-of-mouth buzz since people love telling their friends about new businesses and start-ups they have to try. If you’re prepared to spend a few additional minutes developing relationships with your clients, they will tweet about your customer service and also Instagram the product they purchased from you, and all these positive experiences could be amplified like crazy on the social media.

Branding is one of the most important things a business owner can do since it could be the tipping point between losing and gaining clients. Who you are and how your business comes across is of vital importance to be successful. Get it right, and you will surely end up with a successful business that gets good results. However get it wrong, and you could result in doing more damage to your business than good.

How to make a logo?

What is a logo?


What is a logo?

A logo or a logotype is a symbol used by companies or individuals, that represents them and helps get recognition. Typically, logos are either are graphic or contain the name of the enterprise or person. Being a visual element of a certain company, the logo is the most important identification tool and the most difficult segment of the graphic design.

Logo Design

Over the years, the demand for creative and unique logos has substantially increased; therefore the logo design profession has also gained much popularity and attention. There are more and more people offering logo design services for businesses as well as individuals who want to get recognized by the target audience.


One of the most important elements of any logo is the color. It has a strong impact on brand differentiation due to the fact that human visual assessment is strongly influenced by the color and contrast. In other words, our visual detection has a strong connection to colors.

Color speaks a lot..


How a logo helps a business?

A logo is not just a simple emblem. It is the face of your business that your customers would remember. Your symbol is a tool that reflects your organization’s values and principles. That is why, it is very effective to make sure your potential clients recognize you among hundreds of other logos.

Gives business a legal identity

Moreover, a logo proves your organization’s legal ownership and protects you against fake branding and forgeries. You probably know that this industry is packed with cheap and poor logos and this is exactly the thing you must avoid. You need a unique logo of your company to render your identity and make your customers remember you from the very first time they see you.

With the help of a professional and experienced logo provider, you will get your business to the next level. People recognize a business or a service based on various factors, such as color, contrast, slogan, just to name a few. Therefore, when selecting a company to create your unique logo design, first of all, make sure you are dealing with a specialist you can trust. Because there are too many logo designers all over the world, you need to see what sets a certain company apart. Also, you will have to compare the price and quality.

If you need more information on free logo design, pricing and how to get in touch with a specialist, please visit


Online Free Logo



Top 3 Tips to Create a Fantastic Online Free Logo



So, I am sure, you may have been much excited to see what you have been offered and have started thinking of a killer logo design, right? But… are you feeling stuck up? Getting no design ideas? Here are some tips to start with.

  1. Take Ideas from Established Businesses


You watch hundreds of advertisements every day and of course their logos too. You may get inspired from one of them. So, watch these logos carefully. The secret of success of a business is largely dependent on its logo. Hence, watch those logos and think what might have made them so famous.

  1. Characteristics of an Effective Logo



What should be the characteristics of an effective logo? It should be as simple as possible, distinctive, catchy and should convey your message effectively.

  • Why Simple? It’s because the viewers should remember it and should not forget it due to its complexity.
  • Why Distinctive? Obviously it’s because your business should stand out from others.
  • Why Catchy? It should be catchy so that people should get attached to it mentally and should remember it forever!
  • You might have seen many ads that are beautiful, funny, to the extent that you love them! But after they are over, if someone asks you what the product was, you don’t remember! It’s because the ad is made beautifully, but not effectively. Your logo should not be so; it should convey your message and product name. Take the example of Apple logo; it has no text in it, still we remember the name as the logo has conveyed its brand name (message) effectively!
  1. It’s Not Just Imagination!


Well Thought through logo



If you think that you will sit in your library, watch famous logos in magazines or on the internet, then go into your meditation room, think of something, and you will get an idea of your logo. Well, this is not impossible. But if it doesn’t happen, you will have to do some research; rather, doing research will be helpful.

  • Study your industry, its history and competitors.
  • Study successful and trendy logo styles, check whether there is a reason behind their success (it is, of course; you have to find that).
  • You may take breaks so as to refresh your mind and let your ideas mature; allow the process of from-art-to-craft.
  • You may come across logos that seemingly have no reason to be famous, but have got a lot of success; e.g. Nike logo! So, you will have to study this point too.

Do such a thorough study and create a fantastic logo totally free with!



Why Logo Design is Important for Organization and Business


A logo is more than just how it looks, but it serves as your organization and business face towards your clients and potentials customers. A logo maker will help your branding be recognized in the marketplace. It will help reflect your personality, your values and your principles. At the same manner, it is the most powerful tool known today. A logo design online can help establish your identity since it is very hard to find yourself in the world of marketing when you don’t have a logo with you.

Logo Creates Images


Customer forms image about company with its logo design


In the corporate world, the image can be everything. The marketing firm may like that their logo is bold in order to reflect the aggressiveness, which often wants by a client on a certain firm. While on the insurance firm, they will want their free logo generator to reflect dependability and solidarity and use it to draw more and more customers.

Logo Establishes Ownership


Logo creates identity for your brand. 


A Logo is like a signature, as it proves legal ownership and legal safeguard against forgeries and fake brandings. As of today, the marketplace is flooded with cheap forgeries of brands, which come from third world countries. When you have unique logo generator for your business or company, then you can have your own identity, where your wise customers can easily find you.

Logo Serves as Powerful Marketing Tool



Logo helps in brand recall. People remember your logo design


With the help of a careful marketing, a free logo design can be the main reason for an optimum sale of a certain product in a certain company. For example, your firm is known as the major provider of sportswear in the marketplace and you are able to gain a tremendous loyalty from your clients. Your logo, which is made by your free logo maker, will serve as a symbol that putting favorable cash to the image. With the help of your marketing strategy, you can have a chance to associate a prominent and successful sportsperson with the brand you offer.

Logo Solidifies Loyalty of Customers



Customer establish a relationship with your logo if they love your brand. Like the apple is for various brands.


The job of a logo will go after your identity and image is established. Once your logo design free established a customer loyalty, the next big thing to anticipate is that your customers will repeat a purchase with the products you are offering. And when your company, business, product or services is mentioned anywhere, your free logo will apparently accompany on it. So, with a simple glance, your clients can effectively relate with your firm.

However, it is not just enough to have your own logo to create an identity of your brand. A bad logo can easily destroy the image of a certain corporation or organization. On the other hand, a good online logo design can potentially reach the buying public and can help communicate the people with the worth of your product or campaign. Therefore, everything will depend on the design of your logo.

The power of an online free logo will lie on its visual nature. On today’s trend, people can more often recognize and relate images than texts. So, have the logo for your business today and reap a good reward soon.

Layer Behind The Notion Of ‘Logo’ Antiquity ….

…Not many of us know that the presence of logos is ancient and has history and conception to it. Being of logos goes back to thousands of years, in a form of symbols, seals, coins, trans-cultural diffusion of logo graphic languages, coats of arms for heraldic triumph; invariably demonstrating expression, individual, a thought, an idea or even a product perhaps….

Reading more into logos, I will take you to the times of past and how connotation of ‘Logos’ came into being and approached us as a form of literacy….

Lineage of Logos: Symbolism, Art and Trade.

  1. Logos are more than symbols, they have been part of culture and art through early centuries BC and through medieval times, taking western form from early 18th century.


The first coins were “nuggets” of electron, a naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold, initially without much design, here a Trite from Ionia, 7th century BC 

2. In ancient Rome and Greece you will find mosaic, a picture or pattern produced by arranging small pieces of stone, tile etc. Mosaic is a form of art or painting used for decorative purpose or adding royalty to the reigns.

WIK_Alexander-attacking-Darius-at-Issus_mosaic-detailAlexander conquering King Darius of Persia at Ixos  (1st Century BC) mosaic copy of a Greek painting from 300 BC- from the house of Faun, Pompeii

3.  Mosaics were also knowledge of action and happenings around. For example: if you saw an elephant, which means someone has been to Africa or if u saw dolphins, it means someone is dealings with fishes.


                                                 Early century mosaic depicting elephant

4. Symbols were also representation of tradesman, depicting the nature of work of the individual also the trademark of an individual. For example, a pot maker will portray his craftsmanship by creating a mark on his makings, a blacksmith will carve his identity on his makings of steel and weaponry.


                                          Fragment of Vase, depicting a horse rider (560-550 BC)

All of these things indicated who the merchant was and that was the beginning of a logo. And since then, logos have increased exponentially with technology, commercial and industrial increase. Logos have gone through different times and eras, from pictorial looking to modern looking now-a-days…being more economical. However, when revolution hit the markets in early 18th century, creating distinctiveness and constructing a brand name became a ‘goal’ of the industries. The idea of a mere symbol representing a revolutionary change did not fit the scenario any more.

So the modernized version of the symbols, in the form ‘LOGO’ started representing the industries and markets, thus endeavoring to take publicizing to the succeeding level. Conversely in last two decades, the modernization of business models and marketing strategies has been beyond imagination!!

A company’s face has had such an impact on the growth of the organization, that it has become a trending policy to create a brand and identity. In other words, LOGO is now being used as one element in a broader system of visual elements used to identify the entire output of a corporation.


Evolution of BMW Logo

And for startups organization’s uniqueness, logo makers can guide and share the idea of ‘what’ the company would want to cater and want its personality to be, building equity and brand. To design a logo with symbolic resonance is to participate in the lineage of social dialogue.

However, Logos have come a long way where they stand today in market. Little do we know, that logo is an extension of who you are and what you do. A successful logo making says nothing, but it holds everything. We see and perceive so many things every day, but it is important to acknowledge the invisible vocabulary of logo!!